Your Friendly Metaverse Paw-tner is here to play and earn.
4 min readMay 12, 2022

Imagine this! You are seeing the world through the eyes of a BitBull, an avatar created and evolved by you. A dog you can trust, that will not leave your side in the Metaverse. Through explorative journeys you make with your digital watchdog, you discover beautiful sunsets, challenging experiences, enthralling terrains and meeting places where you can trade your in-game NFT assets with other BitBullz players.

Yes, you read that right. This is your chance to make money while taking your virtual dog for not just a walk, but on adventures beyond your imagination. In this dog-play-dog world, your NFT trade journey includes events like dancing, racing, puzzle-solving, and PVP (Player Vs. Player) competitions. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, BitBullz will be your go-to, loyal, fluffy, paw-tner in the Metaverse.

Joining the Web3 Gaming Revolution with our Metaverse Virtual Space

By laying the foundation for play-to-earn for players, BitBullz adheres to the Web3 blockchain gaming principles of democratization, giving gamers, developers and investors a voice. The game blends gaming, digisocial interactions, and blockchain technology to help users gain a passive revenue stream in a long-term partnership.

For example, in traditional gaming, players never truly own an in-game asset. When you move on to a new game, all the money spent on the previous game is lost. But with BitBullz, you can retain the value of the time and money invested in obtaining a particular item or asset. Tokens earned in the BitBullz game can be carried into other games and platforms within Artnroll Games ecosystem and beyond. Contracts available on the Ethereum Blockchain make trading BitBullz assets and characteristics of BitBullz avatars possible even outside the game.

Characters and Modes

Each player gets to own an NFT avatar which can transform through the process of gameplay. To reach maximum character genes, players must participate in challenges. All games are set in the fantastic BitBullz Valley with different environments built in.

Explorative mode

Unlock areas by gaining XP points and leveling up. Find hidden secrets, complete in fund challenges like finding hidden items/treasures, interacting with NPCs (Non-Playable characters), complete quest tasks, and unveil secrets of the valley.

Watchdog of the valley

With the night comes the valley’s darkest secrets. As the loyal guardian of the valley your BitBullz avatar will have to protect the citizens from unwanted predators.

The End Goal

The higher your rank, the better your BitBullz genes become. The goal of the game is to max out your level by gaining XP points and becoming the finest BitBull in the valley.

BitBullz in Game Characters & NFTs

Genes & Rarity

Bringing in the diversity of elements such as 25 different skin colors, each BitBullz is made of unique genes. These genes are responsible for the rarity of their traits. This makes each Bitbullz easily distinguishable and helps players understand how much their BitBull has evolved. Genes range from common, rare, super rare, epic, and legendary.

Digitize their paws, their breeds, and their personalities with trade-able non-fungible tokens.

BitBullz brings you treats from the Metaverse!

Our goal is to create a community of gaming enthusiasts and dog lovers and create an engaging NFT collectible journey. As a blockchain-enabled game, BitBullz aims to focus on individual players and their value. Through our platform, you will earn or purchase in-game assets,

Complete gameplay competitions, and participate in promotional events.

For example, certain characteristics of BitBullz avatars can be tokenized and turned into in-game assets that can be swapped at market value and sold for money or exchanged for other digital assets across the Metaverse. These tokens will be validated and recognized on our partner platform, OpenSea, the second-largest NFT marketplace available. The game’s future lies solely in the hands of players who engage with it and help grow this multiverse into the fastest way to reach financial growth.

The stock market is the most stressful place to make a buck: with that in mind, the Metaverse was created. It makes the buying and selling of NFTs a comfortable, engaging, and endearing money-making experience. To add to this, BitBullz has come up with an even more exciting way to make an earning — our very own avatar-induced game that allows the trade of NFTs in the most fun way possible.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but with BitBullz, your dogs learn to navigate through the Metaverse, bringing you news, updates and NFT Collectibles.

Through this Metaverse, we wish to make your NFT trade both monetarily rewarding and emotionally satisfying. Competitions, events, and in-game rewards through the explorative journey give players a platform to journey through endless possibilities of making money while having fun.


BitBullz is a blockchain-based game platform that offers players the opportunity to own one of 10,000 stylized 3D NFT avatars housed in a uniquely crafted, playable 3D Metaverse. We’re excited about what’s coming for BitBullz, and we appreciate you joining us on this fantastic journey!

What are you waiting for, Step into the world of BitBullz and become a Dog Master now!

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