3 min readOct 19, 2022

Artnroll Games team, working on new game IP BitBullz, a Web3 RPG Adventure inspired by Zootopia.

Artnroll Games, announce an upcoming multiplayer RPG Adventure game, BitBullz. The game is a unique take on the RPG genre, and it focuses on the animal kingdom and the survival of their species.

BitBullz is inspired by PitBulls dogs and games such as GTA, WOW and films Zootopia, but in its own nostalgic stylized aesthetic and scope, aiming to produce a fun balanced social blockchain game experience and a new IP full of possibilities.

The BitBullz Game / platform allows players to join at a time, Explore, Craft, Breed, Trade, Protect and Earn in a fictional fantasy RPG theme on Polygon Chain, a fun experience, where players seek adventure, challenge, mastery, and reward, all packed in entailing and motivating activities.

The gameplay is conducted in an interactive, mutually beneficial, and co-existential virtual ecosystem with RPG gameplay elements. The BitBullz valley is an interactive world map where players can find unique and different places to explore and participate in quests in order to attain certain tasks to unlock more areas in the valley.

In BitBullz.io, players will lead their species and explore new lands while interacting with creatures of the night and corrupted animals. Players will have to complete quests to advance in the game’s timeline and protect the Valley from invaders while managing their resources, unveil their origin story and fight for the survival of their species.

BitBullz Key Features

  • Exploration: Completing quest challenges and finding secrets generated by NPCs across the valley players gain rewards, items, XP points and more resources as they leveling and learn more about the origin story of BitBullz IP.
  • Stand For The Valley: When the night comes the Valley becomes a dangerous and challenging place for the BitBullz inhabitants, corrupted creatures and intruders are larking in the shadows and the mist, destroying vital and valuable resources for the players and the Valley. Players have to protect the valley available areas with fast paced melee and ranged combat scenarios as they progress in the game.
  • Become The Finest: The goal the players is to reach their BitBullz characters to maximum level and become one of the highest ranked BitBull on the Billboards of the Valley. Higher ranks means better genes, better genes means higher valuable breeds and crafts to trade.
  • Hand-Crafted Quests: Take on a wide variety of quests and random encounters that will lead you deep into the wilderness to hunt creatures, uncover ancient treasures, and fight mighty bosses.

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