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Games have continually been excellent entertainment and provide fantastic relaxation. With the advent of blockchain technology, crypto games have taken this to a whole new level by giving users ownership of their game characters and assets. This has allowed players to level up their characters and participate in various activities while earning rewards. Now, with the help of NFT protocols, gamers can not only enjoy their favorite games but also earn money from them knowing their earnings are readily accessible and secure.

BitBullz is a new project that is set to revolutionize the world of crypto games.

Play to earn offers gamers the opportunity to gain financial rewards while playing. With exciting competition and creative gameplay, BitBullz is poised to become the new standard in P&E games. Players can earn rewards based on their skill level, making it a great way for everyone to get involved and potentially earn some extra income.

Our team at BitBullz is hard at work, preparing to deliver an exhilarating new game that will raise the bar for Web3 gaming projects. BitBullz combines competition and creativity in a fun package to entertain players of all ages.

Why BitBullz

BitBullz is a blockchain-based game for dog lovers and NFT collectors using “play and earn” mechanics. BitBullz strives to maintain a balanced economy where the player’s efforts determine the rewards. The game is a feast for pet lovers, especially dog aficionados. Seeing your favorite dog as an NFT is incredible.

Artnroll Games was founded in 2014 two talented artists, writers, and brothers with a strong passion for creating their games. Today we are creating a core team of effusive and astounding people around us to deliver the best possible original video game experiences.

The BitBullz game is underpinned by two pioneering technologies, Blockchain and Metaverse. That means BitBullz players can earn money in the virtual world and reap the rewards in the real world. This innovative approach to gaming provides endless opportunities for gamers to make money and have fun at the same time.

The BitBullz game is a unique P&E (play and earn) experience that allows players to collect, breed, play, and trade in-game constituents and BitBullz character creations with other players through blockchain contracts. Players accomplish challenges in different scenarios with set goals.

Easily Accessible NFTs

BitBullz has developed 10000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Players have the freedom to buy and sell on many secondary markets, especially OpenSea. All these NFTs are unique and give access to play the game and earn rewards.

Mutation NFTs

We are excited to launch 1000 boxes or boost NFTs developed on the Polygon blockchain. These boxes of NFTs are split into 500 gold and 500 silver NFTs. 1000 BitBullz NFTs and 1000 box NFTs undergo mutation to generate 1000 special NFTs on the Ethereum network.

The mutated NFTs have extraordinary characteristics and features compared to the normal NFTs. Some of the benefits for owning a mutated NFT include:

Increased value

Unique features

Boosted stats

Staking Functionality

Gamers don’t constantly need to trade their cryptos to profit. Instead, they can place a stake or HOLD their tokens. As a result, there is a higher chance of returns per annum from placing stakes than trading.

The staking concept introduces a new component to BitBullz. PAWZBIT holders can now opt to HOLD or lock their tokens for an allotted time, and in the process, they attain rewards. In addition, staking will also allow PAWZBIT holders to use the community treasures, eventually creating the demand for the utility coin, which is a direct reciprocal of the rise of the coin value.

BitBullz Tokenomics

There are two types of tokens in BitBullz to ensure the sustainability and scalability of the ecosystem.

1️⃣ Primary Token

● The primary BitBullz token is ARTBIT, developed on the Ethereum network in ERC-20 standard in a limited supply. Gamers can stake this token within the platform to earn yield.

● The primary token use case includes voting, revenue, reward, play-to-earn, payments and governance.

2️⃣ Secondary Token

● The secondary BitBullz token is PAWZBIT, developed on the Polygon network and awarded to gamers when they win a challenge or complete a level.

● Secondary tokens have an unlimited supply, and the token’s value is tied closely to in-game sentiment.

BitBullz: NFT Marketplace

BitBullz has a built-in marketplace which also offer gamers the option to connect to the OpenSea marketplace from inside the game. OpenSea-listed NFTs are more customized and unique for the gamer, but come with additional fees.

1️⃣ Creator Fees

Whether trading in the built-in marketplace or through OpenSea, a creator’s fees of 2.5% of the trading price per NFT applies.

2️⃣ Marketplace Fees

There is no marketplace fee in the in-built blockchain-based marketplace. However, in OpenSea, there is an additional marketplace fee of 2.5% per NFT.


The team at BitBullz is excited to bring you the best in NFT gaming. With our amazing graphics and gameplay, we know you’ll be hooked! But that’s not all — we’ve also got some great ways for you to make money while playing.

Because the BitBullz metaverse is both vast and groundbreaking, we have composed a series of articles to introduce additional game concepts. Look out for details of how to earn money while playing, and how to breed unique characters coming soon.

Connect with us to stay up-to-date with exciting developments straight from the BitBullz mouth!

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