A Paw-fect way to earn: Rule the Metaverse with Bitbullz

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The main aim of the game is to collect NFT avatars and rewards built on the Ethereum blockchain. The players goal is to have fun and make an earning while gaming. Players from around the world meet in this multiplayer RPG game to participate in different events at set times. Each player gets to course through valleys, sceneries, and different terrains with their avatar into a game filled with surprises and surplus entertainment. Compete to earn rewards with fellow players in PVP (Player vs Player) events such as racing and dancing and more. Each terrain comes with explorative challenges that take you deeper into the gameplay. From tasks such as breeding avatars, night fights at valleys, puzzles, racing events, to resting at pubs, bars, nightclubs with your favorite music, we aim to simulate the real world in your virtual paradise.

The Hero Of The Night Is Watching

Your personal watchdog in the metaverse

Each BitBull has powers that sets it apart. You are here to breed avatars, rarify their personas, and evolve with them.

A competitive game with an end goal, emotional and monetary rewards

Immerse yourself in a competitive metaverse offering challenges and missions to develop your avatar. Level up to buy more items within the game. Every level has emotional and monetary rewards that keep the engagement in the game strong. Put your mind to work with Skill Based Events requiring actions like climbing, jumping over obstacles, throwing objects to targets, etc. For speed enthusiasts, Racing Events across the valley filled with pedestrians and cars in the way are sure to provide an adrenaline rush . The players will be penalized for violations like damaging property or pedestrians on the road. And for people who love Puzzles, we have events that require calculated steps to solve and earn some brownie points.

How easy is it to cash out my NFTS?

Partnering with the largest and the most active secondary marketplace (OpenSea) has its perks. Players can benefit by trading their assets quickly. All earned NFTs can be listed on OpenSea to convert tokens into real-world earnings. There is also a revenue structure within the game. Staking ARTBIT helps the players to lock their tokens for an allotted period and earn rewards in the process. ARTBIT holders can also create more wealth using the community treasure which creates the demand for utility coins, increasing their value. The game includes an in-built marketplace to buy, sell and trade other in-game items and NFTs.


Bitbullz is a blockchain-based game platform that offers players the opportunity to own 10,000 stylized 3D NFT avatars housed in a uniquely crafted, playable 3D metaverse. We’re excited about what’s coming for BitBullz and we appreciate you joining us on this amazing journey!

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BitBullz is an Adventure RPG, built on polygon chain. Become the finest Bitbull of the Valley, Your Journey awaits. @artnrollgames